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$100/hour bartending

Are you an attractive female over the age of 18? We will train you to bartend at many of our ultra private and public events. We have clients such as major liquor brands, album release parties, celebrity birthdays etc.

We are constantly searching and hiring/training women of all shapes and sizes for We have high demand for attractive bartenders, so please apply today and be placed immediately. Payment starts at $100/hour

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Note: We are only currently hiring females 18 years or older at this time.

We Will Place you with High Paying Bartending Jobs in Your Area

Jennifer Q.

I only had 4 hours available per week while In College. Working with AB I was able to put a lot of money towards rent and have a lot of fun

Roxy D.

I work about 6 hours a week and take home about $600 + Tips. It's a great job for me as I am a single mom and do not have a lot of free time.

Sasha M.

I hated my day job as a front office secretary, I knew it was time for a change. I was googling around looking for new job opportunities when I came across, I always wondered if I could bartend, but after taking the amazing Training source with Simon, I was confident and making money a week later. 6 weeks later when I knew the work was stable and I was making a lot more than my office job, I quit. I am so much happier now.

About Attractive Bartenders LLC

The Attractive Bartenders LLC is your one stop shop to hire attractive local bartenders for your high class events. Our Bartenders are not only attractive but exceptionally trained by world class bartenders. We have worked with many of the top venues in the world and have a Triple AAA bartender rating from the World Bartending Association (WBA).

With over 6 years in business and hundreds of professionally trained bartenders, join our team and make high salaries around your busy schedule. We cater only to high class events such as Album release parties, celebrity birthdays, movie premiers and more.

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